Mike Duarte


My name is Mike Duarte, and I'm currently a student at Base Camp Coding Academy. Here at Base Camp, I've learned and improved a lot of programming skills, professional skills, and social skills. The reason for my interest in programming is the problem solving that it contains. In my spare time, I practice Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing.

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This is my project made with Django. This is a website to create, read, edit, and delete channels and messages. In the channel, you are also allowed to add users to communicate with whoever you would like.

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Task Manager

This is my task manager project that was created using Django. This project can specifically manage my friend's dad's print shop. It comes with the functionality to view, create, delete, and edit jobs that he receives and types of papers he uses.

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Red Hand Bounty Board

This is my project made with Django. This is a website to create, read, edit, and delete bounties. It contains two sides: the customer side and the bounty hunter side, each with their own functionalities.

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Stock Market

This is my Stock Market game that is coded with Python. My interest on the stock market was why I created this project. The end goal of the game is to reach $100,000 in 20 days by just buying and selling stocks.

Photo of Stock Market

JSON Trivia

I have developed a trivia game using Javascript and a JSON API to retrieve information. The game offers the player the option to select a topic and difficulty level, and presents 10 questions. The player earns points for each correct answer and loses points for each incorrect answer.

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I have developed a Java-based banking program that enables bankers to manage customer accounts and account holders to manage their own accounts, featuring CRUD commands on both the banker and customer sides.


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